SMT-Pod: The Society for Music Theory Podcast

SMT-Pod is a Open Collaborative Peer-Reviewed and creative venue for timely conversations about music theory. Audio-only podcasts offer a unique—though non-traditional—way of engaging with music, analysis, and contemporary issues in the field. As opposed to the heavy, jargon-laden publications we are used to working through at our desks, SMT-Pod publications are easy to listen to and think about in the car, on your run, or while grading.. Read more about SMT-Pod here.

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Latest News

June 1, 2021 : Hello World. We’ve launched! Listen to our trailer below to learn more about SMT-Pod, the new Podcast for the Society for Music Theory.

We are currently accepting podcast proposals for Season 1! See Call Here

Submissions received by July 31, 2021 will be given full consideration.
Submissions received after this date will be considered for Season 2.

Do you write music? Submit your work to be featured on our podcast!