Season 2 (Spring 2023)

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Season 2 Episodes

  • Episode 2.1 (January 26, 2023) - Katrina Roush, “From Piece to Music: Analyzing Your Own Listening”
  • Episode 2.2 (February 2, 2023) - Matthew Ferrandino & Frank Nawrot, “Tonal Polymodality in Tool's Ænima”
  • Episode 2.3 (February 9, 2023) - Kimberly Soby, “Misogyny in 19th Century Lieder”
  • Episode 2.4 (February 16, 2023) - Melissa Hoag, “Counterpoint Expanded: Integrating Music by Women and Composers of Color in the 18th-Century Counterpoint Classroom"
  • Episode 2.5 (February 23, 2023) - Jenine Brown, “The Double Upbeat and the Power of Expectation in a Cover Song”
  • Episode 2.6 (March 2, 2023) - Rami Stucky, “What Green Book Got Wrong About Black Music”
  • Episode 2.7 (March 9, 2023) - Phil Ewell, “Theorizing African-American Music” (1/5)
  • Episode 2.8 (March 16, 2023) - Phil Ewell, (2/5)
  • Episode 2.9 (March 23, 2023) - Phil Ewell, (3/5)
  • Episode 2.10 (March 30, 2023) - Phil Ewell, (4/5)
  • Episode 2.11 (April 6, 2023) - Phil Ewell, (5/5)

Supplemental Episode Information

2.1 - From Piece to Music: Analyzing Your Own Listening

Katrina Roush (UT-RGV)

Release Date: Thursday, January 26, 2023
Katrina Roush Headshot

Supplemental Materials (PDF)

Author's Podcast

Katrina Roush.

Music Credits:
SMT-Pod Theme music by Zhangcheng Lu;
Closing music "hnna" by David Voss.

Bio: Katrina Roush is an Assistant Professor of Music Theory at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. She earned a Ph.D. in music theory from Indiana University and an M.M. in music theory from Michigan State University. Katrina’s research interests include the analysis of individual listening experiences, applications of information literacy to music theory pedagogy, and issues of equity and diversity among students in the music theory classroom. She is a co-creator of the Keys to Success for Music Majors podcast and currently serves as chair of the Production Team for SMT-Pod.

Keywords: Listening, experience, mediation, analysis, Corelli

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2.2 - Tonal Polymodality in Tool's AEnima

Frank Nawrot (Independent Scholar) & Matthew Ferrandino (Oklahoma State University)

Release Date: Thursday, February 2, 2023
Frank Nawrot Headshot Matthew Ferrandino Headshot

Author's Website (Nawrot)
Author's Website (Ferrandino)

Producer: David Thurmaier.

Music Credits:
SMT-Pod Theme music by Zhangcheng Lu;
Closing music "hnna" by David Voss.

Bio: Dr. Frank Nawrot is a composer, guitarist, and music researcher. His original music is inspired by Kid Cudi, Julia Wolfe, Meshuggah, Julius Eastman, and Prince. The recording of Frank’s opera, Don Henry, about a Kansas student who fought fascism in the Spanish Civil War was released on all podcast platforms in August 2022. Frank’s research interests include popular music, composition pedagogy, and minimalism. His research has been presented by SMT and the Society for Minimal Music and his music has been performed across the globe from New York to Hong Kong. He also runs a short-story podcast, Tiny Tales.

Bio: Matthew Ferrandino is currently Visiting Assistant Professor in Music Theory at Oklahoma State University where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in music theory. Matthew holds a PhD in music theory from the University of Kansas where he completed his dissertation "A Narratology of Music Video in 2021." His research focuses on the analysis of popular music and has been published in Music Theory Online, SMT-V, and Intégral.

Keywords: Tool, polymodal, mode mixture, popular music, blues, metal

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