Open, Collaborative Peer-Review Process


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  1. Allows for collaborative and inclusive discussion
    • Building on our SMT-Pod mission statement which “…affords our society both the ability to face outwards, by engaging in public scholarship, and inwards, by hosting meaningful conversations about the activity of music analysis…Through its goal of promoting a sense of community and inclusivity, SMT-Pod will reach beyond the boundaries of the SMT at this critical moment of calls for the revitalization of our field,” we hope to reconsider what it means for a product of research to be “peer reviewed.”
  2. We take “peer-reviewed” to mean just that—review by peers—but also endeavor to rid the label (at least in our work) of its exclusionary baggage and history. We endeavor to help the author(s) create a timely, refereed piece of quality research that is impactful and accessible.

  3. OPEN means no anonymity which facilitates fairness, transparency, and constructive feedback, while empowering the author(s) to create a high-quality piece of research. We believe these tenets are also crucial for creating work that is diverse and engaging for a variety of audiences.

  4. COLLABORATIVE means that creators, SMT-Pod board members, and a scholar of the creator’s choice will be collaborating to craft the episodes. This interaction allows for efficiency, consensus, and inclusion of diverse viewpoints.

  5. PROCESS indicates that the “peer reviewing” happens not only at one point, but organically and continually throughout production. The process reflects the necessary collaborative nature of our podcast’s creation, especially given that many in our Society may be new to this medium.

More on Open and Collaborative Peer-review

We have taken some inspiration from a variety of sources and scholarship on peer-review. Some resources are provided below.