Season 3 Music

As part of our mission to include diverse voices in our scholarship, SMT-Pod aims to showcase a variety of music in our podcast. We encourage SMT members and non-members alike to submit their compositions for both theme and bumper music. All music will be credited verbally on the episode and in writing here.

The following composers and performers are featured in Season 3's episodes (updated as episodes are released)

Credits for individual episodes can be seen on our Season 3 episodes page.

Musician Biographies

Theme and Closing music composers are listed in our main music page. Season 3 composers and performers listed below in alphabetical order by last name.

Luis Javier Obregon

Piece Titles: Mvmt. II: Ligero from Bells of Silk and Wood for Piano and Erhu featured in Episode 3.5

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Craig Weston

Piece Titles: Mvmt. III: Sweetly Swinging from Glancing Spirals - for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano featured in Episode 3.5

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Thomas Yee

Composer's Website
Piece Titles: Segments from Eva and the Angel of Death - A Holocaust Rememberance Opera, Earthrise for Saxophone Quartet, and Concerto Ludus for Piano and Gameboy featured in Episode 3.5

Some composers found their love of music hearing Brahms or Beethoven — Thomas (b. 1992) discovered his from the beeps and boops of the Super Nintendo. Thomas composes transformative Holocaust Remembrance opera (Eva and the Angel of Death) and concert pieces remixing live performance with the chiptune aesthetics of retro video game soundworlds. Thomas' research analyzes the representation of gender, race, and religion in video game music and the compositional innovations of Japanese 8-bit era video game composers. Thomas is Assistant Professor of Instruction in Theory & Composition at the University of Texas at San Antonio School of Music.

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